The price of Lead has always been comparatively expensive and even though there are schemes at Scrapyards to verify who and where scrap lead comes from, there is still a big draw for thieves to steal lead from Church roofs.

Modern Metal Roofs get around this problem and provide Churches with peace of mind whilst providing a 100% solution to keeping the weather out of the building. This is a particularly good solution where the roof can’t be seen from ground.

Modern Metal Roofs can be made from Copper, Zinc and Stainless Steel each having various benefits depending on the situation.

This is however skilled work and we are lucky at Lloyd and Smith Ltd to employ one of the best Lead and metal roof men in the business.

In the past few years, we have installed a variety of solutions for our customers from new Stainless and Zinc box gutters, stainless pike back’s for heavy rain areas, to a full Stainless Aisle roof at St Marys Church Leigh.

On lower pitches and flat roofs Stainless Steel and Zinc come into their own. They are supremely strong, light, durable and of no interest to thieves. Visually, with their welted upstands they still look in keeping on a heritage building.

Speed of manufacture and fitting are other reasons to go down this route. Stainless steel panels can be pre-formed off site thus reducing the time the roof is open to the elements. Fitting metal panels on site is also quicker than building the same roof in slate. Less labour time equals less cost to the customer.

One of the queries often put forward about metal roof’s is, “wont it be noisy when it rains?”. To allay any fears the metal panels are laid on a thick soundproof polyester insulation, you won’t know it’s there, plus you have the added benefit of keeping more heat inside the building.

There are no slates to break or slip down due to nail fatigue, so you have peace of mind for years to come.
Why not give us a phone and see how we can transform those leaky old roof’s with a modern more durable solution.

Various Church's throughout the Northwest

Lloyd and Smith Ltd can offer metal roof solutions in house. Call us to see how you could benefit from this flexible and durable product.

I am pleased to recommend Lloyd & Smith Ltd. as the main contractor, especially for projects relating to the conservation of historic buildings, and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Richard Jaques, AA Dipl., R.I.B.A., AABC

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