The Familiar Problem

Its fair to say that over the years the vast majority of major roofing works we have conducted could have been avoided if the Church an Annual Maintenance program to deal with the problems at an earlier stage. An Annual Maintenance saves thousand in future repair costs, Fact!

We all choose to ignore our roof’s, gutters and water management tools. Out of sight is out of mind and we assume that there is no possible deterioration going to happen in the existing gutters and pipes until its too late. “Too Late” however is when water is getting into the building or rotting the roof timbers without your knowledge.

Its one thing to unblock a gutter on a small suburban semi-detached, Churches are quite a different proposition. Churches are high with many roofs running in at curious angles. Access to Church roofs is difficult and sometimes impossible without specialist equipment. When you get onto the Church roof you may be the first person there in many years and what awaits you are all the problems the Great British weather can create.

In the UK we ask our rainwater management systems to deal with large volumes of rain often delivered in huge overwhelming pulses. When the rain goes away the Sun bakes the roof to 30 degree’s (now and again). Then in Winter we hit the roof with high winds and temperatures drop in to the minuses. Then we freeze and thaw and freeze and thaw. Repeat the cycle year after year and you soon see how much we are asking of our buildings to keep us protected.

The Solution

With the average Church re-roof costs of between £100’000-£250’000 in not difficult to see that spending a few hundred pounds once a year after the Autumn leaves have fallen makes good economic sense.

For this small investment our team will clean out all gutters wherever they are, Rod the downpipes to make sure they are running free, clear valley gutters of the annual debris and clear out the gulley’s to make sure the rainwater flows to where it should, be it drain or soakaway.

The extra value in this is process is that you have our skilled employee’s reaching all those hard to get to places and assessing every square inch to find those weaknesses before they become a problem. With this up-front knowledge of your building you can plan for those minor repairs if they are required and avoid the trauma, cost and inconvenience of full roof works.

Our photographs show some of the problems we find on all Churches. These problems can be put right fairly cheaply but if they are left to cause further damage then the costs go spiralling.

Your Church would benefit from an Annual Maintenance Program so why not give us a call, an Annual Maintenance Saves Thousands

All Churches throughout the Northwest

These are some of the problems and issues we have found on Church maintenance programs we have conducted. The solution is to have a more frequent maintenance program to deal with these issues whilst they are still small, cheap to solve and are not causing greater problems down the line. We are here to help, why not give us a call

I am writing to acknowledge, with thanks, the work done on St Alkmund’s in Whitchurch over the last 12 months. It’s been good to work with you, including through some difficult times.

Reverand Judy Hunt at St Alkmunds Church Whitchurch

Another happy customer at St Alkmund’s Church

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